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Self Adjusting Cell Mattress

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Innopedic Self Adjusting Memory Cell Support Mattress

The exclusive Isotropic designed in the Self Adjusting Cell Mattress features an Energized Support Core that instantly adjusts to provide uniformly contoured comfort for side, front and back sleepers. Isotropic design uniformity provides omni-directional support enabling the Energized Support Core to balance your body interactively thus minimizing pressure and maximizing circulation for the deepest most rejuvenating sleep. The exclusive Isotropic design of this mattress feels like no other mattress on the market. The Energized Support Core interactively reaches out to balance the natural curves of your body relieving stress to lower back and areas otherwise not properly supported by ordinary foam or coil mattresses. The motion activated Energized Support Core works with your body by constantly monitoring balance to maintain uniform support to eliminate tossing and turning and enhance the restorative benefits of sleep so you awaken with healthful vitality!

Featuring Premium Performance and Ultimate Sleeping Comfort with:

Your Choice of Specially Formulated & Posturized Memory Foam or Latex Foam Will Gently Contour To Your Body To Promote Proper Support and Pressure Reduced Sleep.

Memory Foam & Latex Foam Both Reduce Unwanted Pressure and Improve Circulation For A Deeper, More Restful Slumber.

Features An Exclusive Isotropic Design Which Features An Energized Support Core That Instantly Adjusts to Provide Uniformly Contoured Comfort For Side, Front & Back Sleepers.

Isotropic Design Uniformity Provides Omni-Directional Support, Enabling The Energized Support Core To Balance The Natural Curves Of Your Body Interactively Thus Minimizing Pressure & Stress and Maximizing Circulation & Support To Lower Back and Other Areas Otherwise Not Properly Supported By Ordinary Foam or Coil Mattresses.

Not Only Does The Self Adjusting Cell Mattress  Feel Fantastic… It Looks Fabulous Too! The 3-Dimensional - Cloud-Quilt, & Flex Knit Upper Panel Are VisuallyvStunning and  Also IncorporatesvTemperature Neutral Technology, So You Sleep Cooler and More Comfortably.

Omni-Directional Support, Choose your Comfort Layer, Energized Support Core

Self Adjusting Cell Mattress

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