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Leggett & Platt Pro-Motion Adjustable Bed

Call For Details: 1-866-321-5644

Pro-motion Adjustable Bed

• Pro-Motion
gives you all the comfort and reliability you desire from an adjustable bed with full range of relaxing positions. Adjusts to a full 60 degree pitch at both head and foot. And has a Traditional boxspring appearance.

• Precision engineering
and advanced technology combine to make Pro-Motion the best solid state, electronic controlled adjustable bed available. Comes with a wired handwand, allowing you to easily position yourself as you read, study, watch television, relieve back and muscle strain, or sleep.

• Free-fall design
Head and foot sections are designed to lower by gravity only. Insulated rubber wheels are used for smooth, quiet operation.

• Easily programmed
For your own personalized comfort.

• Legs Optional
Can be placed directly on platform bed or floor.

• 100% Polarized modular electrical system
Has no stray wires to pull loose, and the plug-in feature makes service quick and easy.

• UL listed
Optional headboard brackets and locking casters available.

• Heat Optional
Temperature controlled heating unit available.

• AC or DC
Motors available.

• Lifetime Warranty
Non-pro rated.


Pro Motion Adjustable Bed - AC and DC motor systems

Pro-Motion bed.

Elevation settings for the Adjustable Beds

  Couple Enjoying the comfort of the bed.
Relax and enjoy yourself in ultimate comfort on our Leggett & Platt Pro-Motion Adjustable Bed. And if your current mattress is not up to par you can add your choice of any mattress on our website to sleep better then ever before.

The Pro-Motion has all the newest features and quality that is second to none. Proudly made in the USA & backed by America's best Lifetime Warranty.

There are mis-conceptions that Adjustable Beds are just for people with medical conditions, but what most people don't know is that they are used by just as many people without any medical conditions at all. The main reasons it works for both types of consumers is the Comfort & Adjustability they offer. There's no denying that an articulating bed has more benefits for you than a normal flat bed. They can help provide you with better blood circulation and assist your breathing as you sleep. And they allow you to find the perfect position for sleeping, relaxing, or watching TV. Finding a perfect sleeping position is one of the best things you can experience because it allows you to not only feel more relaxed, but also helps you to fall asleep quicker and receive a more rejuvenating quality of sleep.

  Dr. Sleep

Since there are many different types of mattresses available for the adjustable platforms it can sometimes be confusing. To make things easier for consumers, Sleep Store USA carries the most technology advanced mattresses giving you a choice of comfort personalized to your needs. Please contact one of our qualified Bedding Specialists for assistance in choosing the right mattress or adjustable bed.

Call us for help: 1(866)-321-5644

  Product questions are a phone call away!

Pro-Motion Bed Motions
    Lifetime Warranty

Optional Side Rails Available:

Optional Side Rails Available

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Full XL Adjustable Bed
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Dual King Adjustable Bed
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